About us


Our company was founded on 30 years of industry expertise and knowledge has taken its trademark. Needed in the market all kinds of metal, plastic injection molding and die-casting molds manufacturing, fixtures, machinery apparatus, trim dies are manufactured within our company. Mold production of the series during the period since its establishment meets the needs of domestic and foreign companies die.


According to the needs of our customers design, production and quality control base by responding to the latest technology and equipment for use in the mold market demand,
Reasonable price and after-sales guarantee,
Provide satisfaction,
Located in Turkey and worldwide leading companies in its sector,
Work to create more employment opportunities are key principles in mind the national interests of our country and contribute to the economy of the company.

Human rights without compromising on quality and trust, is sensitive to safety and the environment by ensuring the continuity of production;
Given the importance to people’s creative potential, and to help the industry while respecting individual development and satisfaction, continually evolving with the aim of providing employment and contributing to the development of production technology savings.